Transpile and minify Javascript, HTML and CSS using Gulp 4

This guide seeks to help out those trying to set up javascript transpilation and minification using Gulp 4. Since minification is mostly beneficial on the front-end side of the web, this article describes how to set up basic HTML and CSS minifcation as well.

Web - August 13, 2019

Quick: ES6 gulpfile using Gulp 4 with Babel

By default Gulp does not support modern javascript features such as import statements, consts and lets. In this quick post I try to describe how to set up Gulp 4 to allow for a modern gulpfile.

Web - December 21, 2018

Illustrator to Affinity Designer Guide

Most designers coming from Adobe Illustrator may think making the switch to Affinity Designer is a trivial task due to its similar look and layout. This guide is meant to highlight and explain some of the subtle differences and quirks I stumbled into when I first started using Affinity Designer.

Web - October 7, 2018

Setting up gulp 4 for automatic Sass compilation and CSS injection

About a month ago I stumbled upon gulpjs, a task runner which makes automation easy and understandable. Even though Gulp is easy, it still took me a bit longer than expected to figure out its usage, especially so for gulp 4.0 (which still happens to be in beta)

Web - October 6, 2018